What is online sales?

 Online sales refers to all sales activities conducted over the Internet without directly visiting customers.

Traditionally, sales activities have been divided into two phases: "inside sales," in which activities are conducted to develop prospective customers into customers with a high probability of receiving orders through online sales  https://slimtime.co.jp/ , and "field sales," in which customers are directly visited to close deals, and in most cases, different people are in charge.

However, the number of field sales has been declining due to the high cost of field sales and the limited number of customers that can be reached in a day.

With the recent shift of the entire sales field to online and other forms of inside sales, field sales can be completed online.

There are many ways to sell online. There are a variety of ways to sell online, from basic phone and email to web conferencing and a wide range of other Internet-based methods. Here are some specific examples.

Reach out to prospective customers in collaboration with the marketing team.

For example, you can follow up with potential customers who have clicked on your advertisement or attended your seminar by e-mail, which can lead to orders.

Business meetings using a web conference system

There is also a way to conduct business meetings using a web conference system. By using screen sharing, it is possible to share documents and conduct demonstrations. Recently, product demonstrations using virtual reality (VR) have become a reality. The scope of what online sales can achieve is expanding, as it can provide the same effect as a customer visit without the need for an actual visit. Online sales tools are also being used to record phone conversations and manage customers.

Orders and contracts using electronic contract services

There is an increasing number of cases where orders are signed online using electronic contract services, making it possible to complete the entire sales process online.

Advantages of online sales

Savings in travel time and costs

Increased accuracy in screening potential customers

Expansion of sales targets

Disadvantages of online sales

System installation costs are required.

In some cases, it is difficult to build a relationship with customers.

Requires skills unique to online sales

In order to conduct online sales, it is necessary to introduce sales tools.

With the emergence of many tools that support online sales, which is non-face-to-face sales, the differences between online sales and traditional sales are decreasing, and the advantages of online sales are outweighing the disadvantages.

With the recent reform of the way we work, the benefits of online sales will become even greater.

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